20 viimeisintä hankintaa:

Jess And The Ancient Ones: Vertigo (20.12.2022)
Kairon; IRSE!: Polysomn (20.12.2022)
Sammal: Aika Laulaa (20.12.2022)
Hexvessel: Kindred (20.12.2022)
Death Hawks: Psychic Harmony (20.12.2022)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Return Of The Dream Canteen (11.11.2022)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Unlimited Love (11.11.2022)
Buckley, Tim: Tim Buckley / Goodbye And Hello (30.06.2022)
Jones, Quincy: Big Band Bossa Nova (30.06.2022)
Reloader // A Tribute To The Beatles (30.06.2022)
Them: Them Featuring Van Morrison (30.06.2022)
America: History - America's Greatest Hits (30.06.2022)
Feliciano, José: Greatest Hits (30.06.2022)
Armstrong, Louis: Satchmo - What A Wonderful World (30.06.2022)
Beatles, The: With The Beatles (30.06.2022)
B And The Band, The: Harmaakin Päivä Voi Olla Kaunis (10.04.2022)
Eilish, Billie: No Time To Die (Single) (14.10.2021)
No Time To Die // Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (29.09.2021)
Beady Eye: BE (15.09.2021)
Gallagher, Liam: MTV Unplugged (27.08.2021)

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