20 viimeisintä hankintaa:

B And The Band, The: Ravista Ja Maalaa (01.02.2019)
Gong: Flying Teapot (31.01.2019)
Fuzzy Duck: Fuzzy Duck (31.01.2019)
Who, The: Who's Next (24.01.2019)
Sixties Girls (3cd) (23.01.2019)
Chicano Power! // Latin Rock In The USA 1968-1976 (2cd) (29.12.2018)
Ross, Diana And The Supremes: 25th Anniversary (2cd) (29.12.2018)
Black Feeling (29.12.2018)
Girls, Girls, Girls // More Hits From The Great Girl Groups (30.10.2018)
Platters, The: The Very Best Of (28.06.2018)
Comus: First Utterance (27.06.2018)
B And The Band, The: Mind's Disease (EP) (23.05.2018)
B And The Band, The: Vanhempi Ei Vittuile, Vanhempi Neuvoo (EP) (20.04.2018)
B And The Band, The: Kivenkova Sukupuu (EP) (20.04.2018)
Curved Air: Air Conditioning (09.04.2018)
Babe Ruth: First Base (09.04.2018)
Gravy Train: Gravy Train (09.04.2018)
Sammal: Suuliekki (07.03.2018)
Jess And The Ancient Ones: The Horse And Other Weird Tales (07.03.2018)
Critters, The: Awake In A Dream - The Project 3 Recordings (11.12.2017)

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